Born into a family of musicians of extraordinary pedigree, Anuradha’s music knowledge and performing skills were adoringly and meticulously nurtured by a phenomenal musician, performer and teacher - her mother Guru Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam. Contributing to this god given blessing was her sharp intellect and unwavering perseverance, a combination of which has made Anuradha who she is today - a beacon of guidance for the crown jewels that her guru has bestowed upon her.

Anuradha burst into the world of music with an outstanding debut at age 12, where she accompanied her mother in a full length violin duet lasting 3 hours. This beautiful journey continued for years and years where Anu would accompany her illustrious mother on her concert tours - matching bow for bow from start till the very end of each show. The Mother-Daughter duo awed audiences worldwide - Asia, Europe, The Americas, Far East and Down Under. Anuradha has also ably fulfilled invitations from some of the most talented musicians and performers to embellish their concerts as an accompanist. Even as a child artist, Anuradha was recognized by the Music Academy for her accompaniments many years in the December music festivals.

Trinity Centre for Music, her music school imparts intense training where quality and purity became the cornerstone of her teaching style. She has moulded several music aspirants to ascend the stage with great skill and knowledge - combating many a talented performer and varied teaching style to showcase Trinity School’s uniqueness successfully. Anuradha’s students almost always get commended for their superior performances.

Anu’s dedication to teaching and the stir created by her students did not go unnoticed. In March 2008, she received the "Best Teacher Award" in North America at the Cleveland Aradhana - a testimony to her tireless efforts in creating a line of students who were a true representation of her passionate pursuit for excellence. In 2011, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce awarded her “Outstanding Contributions to the Arts”.



Aside from her mastery over Carnatic music which is a class act on its own, Anuradha’s perseverance to test the limits pushed her to form adventurous associations with distinguished global Master Musicians as showcased at San Francisco World Music Festivals (SFWM) & the theatrical production of the Musical The Jungle Book. She is highly regarded for her efforts to promote Carnatic music and its composers through interactive animated media titles when in 2001 she delivered her first labor of love, a CD-ROM titled “The Evolution of a Musician Saint - Thyagaraja.”

She has also researched and composed many distinct magical operas and presented them with both her students and in collaboration with other legendary talent - notably her music compositions Susamkrutham and One in Eleven (Chinmaya Mission fund raisers), Silapathikaram and Naukacharithramu (SFWM), Nrithya Mela Ragamalika (SIFA) , Dwaja Arohana (Livermore Temple) - the list goes on and on.

In an endeavour to make music accessible to students worldwide and fulfilling her Guru’s vision of imparting quality music education to everyone that can have access to it, Trinity Center for Music proudly launched the Trinity University Online. Anuradha’s conviction of spreading knowledge and the art form beyond geographical boundaries and for generations and generations has taken a new form - in the shape of the Internet. Now she has given hope and excitement to aspirants to pursue music to their hearts desire: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!